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An experienced chemistry teacher breaks her class into groups and assigns each group the task of creating a power point on a section of the periodic table. The power point is to include the atomic number, mass, etc. of each element in the assigned section, and the final product will be presented to the class. What do you say to the teacher? You took on a real challenge. I am very proud of your try. Have your students used PP before? How many years ago? Have you seen the Visual Periodic table that provides other options of visual study? Let me show you. Maybe we can get some ideas here...

1) Could you consider taking this to "how these elements are used in our materials and compounds today"? This way the students can do online research on their element.

(Prompt to Create ways to deepen study)

2) How do you review their presentation skills? The students could create a rubric to increase their understanding of the qualities you are looking for as they make the presentations.

Prompt to Analyze student work)

3) Could they take an element research their findings on the web and come back with the best three sites and why they choose them?

(Prompt to shift the control of learning to the students)

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