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An experienced social studies teacher divides his honors class into groups and assigns each group a general from the American Civil War. Each group is to prepare a power-point on the general's role at the Battle of Gettysburg. Within the presentation is the group's consensus of what their general contributed to the success or to the failure of the battle. What do you say to the teacher?

1) As a follow up, ask the groups to choose from all the generals who should be the recipient of a ticker-tape parade and the general who should be court-martialed.

(Prompt to Analyze student work)
(Prompt for follow-up lesson)

2) Have you had the opportunity to identify the websites you would like them visit? Maybe they could do some research and rank the sites based on the knowledge provided from the site.

(Prompt to shift the control of learning to the students)

3) Ask groups to create a scenario in which the decision a general made dramatically changed the outcome of the battle. How would history have been changed?

(Prompt to Create ways to deepen study)

4) The generals in World War I argued that there was not much to learn from the American Civil War militarily. Ask the groups to investigate 19th century military tactics on the web and postulate if the generals in World War I were right.

(Prompt to Create ways to deepen study)

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