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An inexperienced English teacher invites you to visit his class. He is proud that all his students are using laptops to write their essays on "The Major Theme of Macbeth." When you visit, all the students are busy typing their documents and printing them out. What do you say to the teacher?

1) As a follow up, perhaps the students can store their essays on a class wiki, and they can then engage in peer editing on line. You, as a teacher, can then do some analysis of the various editing issues.

(Prompt to Analyze student work)

2) Perhaps you can break the class into groups and assign a real life dictator to each group to investigate online. Following the investigation, each group reports on its dictator's "rise to power," and compare it to Macbeth's. Finally the groups can create and describe the differences in their description of dictatorial power.

(Prompt to Create ways to deepen study)

3) Would it be interesting to see if all the themes the students wrote about possessed commonalities? An online matrix could help them with the analysis of their work . Perhaps all of the themes could be listed on flip charts for analysis, and then have students vote on the top three themes in terms of relevance to issues in modern living.

(Prompt for follow-up lesson)

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