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An inexperienced geometry teacher develops a unit on identifying triangles. He has prepared a group of slides, each slide containing a type of triangle (isosceles, equilateral, obtuse, etc) and displays each one at a time on his Activboard. Students are to sit at their desks, and, on an answer sheet, write the type of triangle for each slide. What do you say to the teacher? Maybe you need to visit the Curriculum Director first and then work as team with this teacher.

1) Let's look at your lesson plan? Where are the standards and anchors identified for this geometry class?

(Prompt to Create ways to deepen study)

2) Would like to see that other CFF Math teachers are doing in Geometry? CFF has wikis that provide other examples of how to work on this subject.

(Prompt to Analyze student work)

3) Another opportunity through our CFF program are region IU sharing days. Want to join us at the regional exchange day? Their will be lots of ideas for you to see? The math on is coming up and we'll get the SD to release you to join your fellow CFF teachers.

(Prompt to Create ways to deepen study)

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