Math and White Boards

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One day as I was walking down the math hall wing, I was stopped by two math teachers in the high school. They had just been talking about CFF and their math course work. In fact, they made references to CFF and using the white boards. They think white boards are great!

1.) It is wonderful to learn that the math department is using the white boards. You are now able to engage your students and bring new levels of interaction to their math lessons. “Active pilots” is another component of the boards that allows students to respond to tests and quizzes and contribute their own ideas and thoughts to the boards, making for a truly highly engaging learning environment. There’s an exciting video I would like to share with you. Would you be able to chat with me about this video after you get a chance to watch it?

(Prompt: Resources for increased of instructional technology)

2) You’re off to a great start with your use of the white boards. If you’d like to give your students more opportunities to interface with the whiteboard let me know, because we could co-plan and co-teach a lesson that would include your students in manipulating information on the whiteboard.

(Prompt for follow-up lesson focusing on increased student participation)

3) Please tell me about the successes that you have had with whiteboards and your students. Let’s look at your student work. How has using the white board helped your students to better understand the math concepts you are teaching?

(Prompt to analyze student work)

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