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Increasing student performance on the 11th grade PSSA is very important to me. I can’t agree to use technology unless its completely aligned with what I need to do for the PSSA.

1) I hear your concern. With all of the PD you've experienced with differentiated instruction, you'll appreciate the opportunity to prepare for the PSSA by differentiating your classroom with technology. The use of multimedia tools will provide another avenue to move your "bubble" students.

(Prompt to use technology to assist in differentiating instruction.)

2. Have you reviewed any of the Flip Charts created in Promethean Planet? Those Flip Charts allow students to visualize, conceptualize and analyze the eligible content assessed on the PSSA. I see you are working on the Algebraic standard: Analyzing a given set of data for the existence of a pattern and a representation of that pattern algebraically and graphically. There are already over 30 innovative lessons on Promethean Planet already created for you that will allow for analysis and synthesis in those PA Anchors. Can we look at one of those flip charts together?

(Prompt to use technology as a resource for lesson planning.)

3.) Turning your classroom into a 21st Century learning environment will motivate your students, and have a positive influence on student learning which will ultimately support the PA Anchors. Have you noticed that student engagement increases, and students take more control over their own learning when using technology?

(Prompt to use technology to increase student engagement)

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