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Students spend time reporting out their conclusions from reading a paperback of Homer's "lliad". The charge was to make a shield representing the author, Homer’s interpretation of Achilles' shield. The students were to think outside the box, but they all continued in a craft mode, due to the examples shared by the teacher.

1) What other kinds of media do you want students to use to create these shields? Would using these different media deepen the learning involved in creating the shield? Would it increase student engagement? If so, how might you model these different media for students?

(Prompt: Reflecting on the completed lesson to refine the task)

2). Could students use their paper shields as a draft to create a shield in another media? How might this deepen student learning? How would the revision process and the use of another media help students to think about the task? Let's talk about what this next lesson might look like.

(Prompt: Follow-up lesson allowing students to revise their work.)

3) - Do these paper shields show that students understood the author's interpretation of Achilles' shield? How could access to additional information such as images of art and architecture of the time, themes from other literary pieces of the time, geographical features of the setting - all available through technology - improve student performance?

(Prompt: Follow-up lesson using additional information)
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