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Teacher has taken up the CFF challenge with a class of special needs students. She set up the machines and worked with the students over a three week period using the white board. Her instructional style does not include the use of the laptops. Nothing has really changed except her use of the white board as answer sheets for students to respond publicly. The teacher has also told you that the whole idea of CFF scares her.

1) Whiteboards provide the potential for all pupils to be actively involved in teaching and learning. Several different learning styles can be accommodated during instruction with an interactive whiteboard, which can increase engagement for all students including special needs students. Your colleague Mr. M is going to share with me how he has made his board come alive tomorrow. Would you like me to arrange coverage for you, so that you could you spend a morning watching him?

(Prompt: Provide resources for increased use of instructional technology)

2) I know of some great educational games that will fit with your lessons and will be a good way to introduce the use of laptops to your students. Would you like me to come in and show these games to a small group of your students?

(Prompt to shift the control of learning to the students)

3) You took on a real challenge by having your students work with whiteboards and you have made a great initial effort! What can I do now to help you feel more comfortable using the technology? Could we meet together and run through ways to use the laptop with students? Could we work together to pilot an activity using a laptop with a few students?

(Prompt to provide resources for increased use of instructional technology)

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